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About Us

Ponderosa Paint Company provides a diverse line of products, from high-solid alkyd enamels and acrylic enamels to high-tech aliphatic acrylic urethanes. Our coatings are on the leading edge of technological and environmental concerns.

Ponderosa Paint Company was founded with a focus on architectural paint. Since those modest beginnings, we have grown to be one of the leading independent industrial and maintenance coatings manufacturers on the West Coast. With that reputation, we continue to strive for performance improvements of our products as well as remaining conscientious of environmental concerns for green coatings and low VOCs.

Because we manufacture our own products, we can react quickly to meet specific customer needs and market variations. Ponderosa Paint Company has been able to specialize its products to meet the new and changing needs of customers with proprietary modifications and toll manufacturing. This unique combination of experience and exceptional products has made Ponderosa successful in its ability to meet customer expectations. We are the "go to" resource our customers have come to rely on year after year.

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